Milwaukee Tool Extended Handle Ratchets

The Milwaukee Extended Handle Ratchets are 90-Tooth and have 4° of arc swing. This is the same tooth count and swing as the standard Milwaukee Ratchets. The extended handle length provides users with increased leverage for stubborn nuts and bolts with a slim profile design and a flush directional lever offers better accessibility. Sometimes the higher torque capability of longer ratchet handles simplifies an operation, as you might not need a breaker bar to loosen things up, and other times you might simply want the extra reach.

Milwaukee Tool Stubby Ratchets

    • 1/4” Drive 3” Stubby Ratchet 48-22-9003
    • 3/8” Drive 5” Stubby Ratchet 48-22-9036

The Milwaukee Stubby Ratchets are also 90-Tooth and have 4° of arc swing. A slim-profile head and flush directional lever combined with the stubby handle length offers increased accessibility.

As with Milwaukee’s other full-polish ratchets, these have a slim head profile and flush direction level. The all-chrome finish makes for easier cleaning. As expected, Milwaukee ratchets are backed by their Mechanics Hand Tools Lifetime Guarantee.

Milwaukee Tool is also making a big push into the impact socket and accessories market.

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