Olight M2R Pro ODG Warrior 21700 5.0 Ah Flashlight Review

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Olight M2R Pro ODGThe Olight M2R Pro Warrior is the next level in tactical flashlights in function and also in build quality. Its small package delivers1,800-lumen output and a 300-meter throw. This power output is backed up with a 5000mAh 21700 Lithium-Ion rechargeable battery.

The design of the Olight M2R Pro Warrior is tactical with an aggressive strike bezel. Beyond that, it is easy to operate with a raised tail switch and a lighted side switch. The ability to use the flashlight in multiple different ways, either constant-on or push-on, is ideal for every type of user.

Olight M2R Pro ODGThe Olight M2R Pro Warrior is weapons mountable and can be operated via a magnetic remote pressure switch. We have looked at a lot of tactical flashlights over the years and Olight has been by far the best built with some of the best styles of charging available.

These are not the $20 dollar flashlights you will find on Amazon! These are designed for people’s lives to be trusted with the light!


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